Hunters Hill Care Team staff work within Hunters Hill staff team and have principle responsibility of the residential element of the school. However duty rotas are designed to ensure that members of the team are on duty throughout the school day to support the pupils in their classroom environment.

The Care Team have a variety of roles which include identified members being Child Protection Designated Persons, PRIME trainers and take responsibility for the administration of pupils in care.

Due to flexibility of the team's shifts they are able to complete home / school liaison work with parents and carers to ensure a consistent approach in the education of pupils, imperative work which Hunters Hill College take extremely seriously to support the success of all our pupils.

There are 5 homes at Hunters Hill of which every student it assigned. Cropwood is the home for KS4 students and Shackleton, Raleigh, Scott and Frobisher are homes for KS3 students.

For 2018/19 Cropwood students will re-locate to the Heads House and will only be for Year 11 students for non residency purposes. Shackelton, Raleigh, Scott, Friobisher will have students from year 7-10.


Cropwood House is situated in a vast wooded area off set to Hunters Hill College. Its main purpose is to offer a safe environment for year 10 and 11 pupils approaching the end of their time at Hunters Hill The beautiful surroundings provide an excellent setting to encourage independence, approach life positively and raise self-esteem for all young people who attend.

The building itself is nearly 100 years old and contains original features and antique furniture.

Whilst in Cropwood House young people are encouraged to work through independent living skills programmes and equip themselves whole heartedly with the skills and experience needed to conduct themselves effectively in modern society. As well offering excellent facilities young people are provided with opportunities to gain modern workplace skills such as carpentry and motor vehicle maintenance, and the opportunity to work with highly skilled staff in these areas.

Cropwood House promotes healthy living through its extensive programme of leisure & recreational activities. The grounds accommodate ropes courses, areas for mountain biking, tennis, football, basketball and a putting green for golf. Once inside Cropwood House there is a kitchen for cooking and eating, a gym for more physical recreation use. A common room equipped with table football, books & magazines, a computer with internet access and a study area. In the lounge there is a games console, books, television, video and a DVD player. An area known as the court yard is a perfect place for bike maintenance. Cropwood House also has a full size Snooker room that everyone enjoys using. Bedrooms allow each young person to have their own personal space.

Notice September 2018: Cropwood is currently closed to residency and school based lessons due to safety issues with the building

Shackleton House


Shackleton House is a very lively house, it is full of vibrant boys with many hidden talents. Our staff also have hidden talents. We have singers and dancers to name a few. We have up and coming dedicated footballers and rugby stars, who train relentlessly and have represented the school in numerous fixtures.

We do many activities which we choose and during the evenings they can be extended.

Our home staff are very supportive and will rally round us with any task or problems we may be facing. Being in Shackleton feels like home, it is always lively and warm.

Raleigh House

When you arrive in Raleigh you are always greeted with a smile and a Hello! Students are always treated with respect and dignity. They are given the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment to help them grow into independent young people. The environment is a caring one where the students work towards targets to gain skills for life. This is achieved through a nurturing and fun atmosphere where raising individual self-esteem and expectations are the forefront of everything on offer in the home.



Scott House


Scott House is the house for boys. We do loads of things in Scott, we love being creative and make some great displays of the work we do. We also enjoy in-house competitions. Life in Scott is never predictable; although there is a great sense of stability we enjoy a new challenge. Being in Scott House is like having an extended family, people who care about each other. We take pride in Scott House and enjoy being part of a group who look out for each other.

We love doing loads of things like cooking, reading, playing football and enjoy our music. We are always at our best when we work as a team.

Frobisher House

Frobisher is one of five homes at Hunters Hill College, which is warmly decorated, and beautifully maintained. This also includes the garden which attracts a variety of wildlife. The students have a lot of respect towards each other which promotes a family environment.

Frobisher house is a home which offers a safe environment, for years 7, 8, and 9.our home is full of super stars that have many talents, we pride ourselves with an open invitation to everyone who would like to visit us. We have a warm relaxed atmosphere with intelligent conversation and a great sense of humour; we have many activities in the home, pool, table tennis, table football, bikes and play station 1-2. We are looking forward to using the new Digital Library which includes audio books and DVD movies. Regular off site trips with the students are organised such as walks, trips to the park, local shop and youth club. Everyone in Frobisher is a team player including staff, who interact with the students which promotes self-esteem and respect.


Care Team 

Sharon Molloy - Head of Care

Born on the east side of Birmingham, I successfully gained a child care qualification on leaving college. I initially worked for a national charity specialising  in the care of children and young adults with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities.

From there I gained a position on the care management team of a Birmingham children's home where I worked for several years before joining the team at Hunters Hill as a senior team leader.

I progressed to deputy head of care, eventually becoming head of care in 2015.

Having an interest in law I studied part-time for several years gaining a qualification to practice as a solicitor.

However, as I enjoy the challenge of working with young people and supporting their families I decided to remain at Hunters Hill.

Stuart Rice - Deputy Head of Care

My name is Stuart Rice and I am Deputy Head of Care at Hunters Hill College. I support the Head of Care in the day to day running of the residential provision of the School. We have a team of 17 Residential School Care workers currently who play a key role not only within the residential provision but also within the School day, supporting children and managing behaviour.

I have worked at Hunters Hill for a fast approaching 25 Years! During my time here I have been given numerous opportunities not only to develop my career but to enrich my life experiences also. Children at Hunters Hill have similar opportunities and experience many diverse activities throughout their time in School, all this along with a good standard of Education creates positive outcomes for young people.

RSCW Team Leaders

Mr W Pennant - Shackleton Team Leader
Mrs C Taylor - Raleigh Team Leader
Mrs T Jackson - Scott Team Leader
Mr M Scarlett - Frobisher Team Leader

RSCW Staff

Ms S Lejuene  
Mr C Walker  
Mr N Campbell
Miss B Southall
Mrs S Butt
Mrs K Day
Mr A Bird
Miss E Jones
Mrs Woolley
Ms J Lilley
Mr S Lea
Miss K Dalton