Hunters Hill Care Team staff work within Hunters Hill staff team and have principle responsibility of the residential element of the school. However duty rotas are designed to ensure that members of the team are on duty throughout the school day to support the pupils in their classroom environment.

The Care Team have a variety of roles which include identified members being Child Protection Designated Persons, PRIME trainers and take responsibility for the administration of pupils in care.

Due to flexibility of the team's shifts they are able to complete home / school liaison work with parents and carers to ensure a consistent approach in the education of pupils, imperative work which Hunters Hill College take extremely seriously to support the success of all our pupils.

There are 5 homes at Hunters Hill of which every student it assigned. Cropwood is the home for KS4 students and Shackleton, Raleigh, Scott and Frobisher are homes for KS3 students.


Shackleton House


Raleigh House

When you arrive in Raleigh you are always greeted with a smile and a Hello! Students are always treated with respect and dignity. They are given the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment to help them grow into independent young people. The environment is a caring one where the students work towards targets to gain skills for life. This is achieved through a nurturing and fun atmosphere where raising individual self-esteem and expectations are the forefront of everything on offer in the home.



Scott House


Frobisher House


Care Team Staff

Sharon Molloy - Head of Care

Born and bred in the East side of Birmingham on leaving school I successfully gained a Child Care Qualification from college. Initially I went to work in a Children’s Home in for a national charity, taking care of children and young people with a wide range of multiple disabilities From here I went to work in a Birmingham Children Home, were I was on the care management team for several years before joining Hunters Hill. Initially beginning life as a Senior Team Leader, I became Deputy Head of Care and then Head of Care in 2015.

Having an interest in Law I studied part time for several years and successfully obtained a law degree and went on to gain the qualification to become a solicitor. However as I enjoy working with young people and their families I remained at Hunters Hill.

Stuart Rice - Deputy Head of Care

My name is Stuart Rice and I am Deputy Head of Care at Hunters Hill College. I support the Head of Care in the day to day running of the residential provision of the School. We have a team of 17 Residential School Care workers currently who play a key role not only within the residential provision but also within the School day, supporting children and managing behaviour.

I have worked at Hunters Hill for a fast approaching 25 Years! During my time here I have been given numerous opportunities not only to develop my career but to enrich my life experiences also. Children at Hunters Hill have similar opportunities and experience many diverse activities throughout their time in School, all this along with a good standard of Education creates positive outcomes for young people.

RSCW Team Leaders

Mr S Lea - Cropwood Team Leader
Mr W Pennant - Shackleton Team Leader
Mrs C Taylor - Raleigh Team Leader
Mrs T Jackson - Scott Team Leader
Mr M Scarlett - Frobisher Team Leader

RSCW Staff

Ms S Lejuene  
Mr C Walker  
Mr N Campbell
Miss B Southall
Mrs S Butt
Mrs G Drummond
Mrs K Day
Mr A Bird
Miss E Jones
Mr D Read
Mrs Woolley
Ms J Lilley