ICT, Computing and Coding

Hunters Hill has a Learning Gateway that used Office 356 SharePoint that allows a two way communication for parents and students, teachers and friends to access the school at all times.  The `Learning gateway', which is available online for 24/7, 365 days of the year, is accessible by students and staff, anywhere in the world at anytime, albeit with an available internet connection.  All students work within the levels of the National Curriculum at Key Stage3 before diversifying into functional skills accredited levels at Key stage 4.

In School we have two bespoke computing suites. The lower school computing suite has 12 work stations and in Cropwood we have the facility that accommodates 18 workstations, called the Community Suite. It has the facility for Upper School to use in their accredited subjects, incorporating computing in their Vocational Learning and Project work, as well as their computing development through the Functional Skills levels.

Year 7 

All students have the opportunity to build their skills and knowledge base on the Microsoft Office packages. This will also be the basis for progress and accreditation through the Ingots Award Scheme. They also all have access to the internet for research purposes and can communicate with each other and staff through an internal email provider.

Year 8

Students now build and develop on the skill base introduced in Year 7, with greater emphasis on independent working and self evaluation.


Year 9

Students are again building their knowledge and dexterity with project work through assignments that require thoughtful planning, research for information sources, working with information, presenting information via one of the Microsoft office packages to the rest of their class, this then adds to their own self evaluation by building socially with their own peer group. 

By now each individual student is building and broadening their understanding of the planning and preparation requirements that will take them towards the Functional Skills accredited levels in Upper School.

Year 10 & 11

Students will initially work towards the Entry Levels of 1, 2, & 3 within the Functional Skills framework, with those attaining accreditation going on to Functional Skills levels 1 & 2. These Functional Skills levels have equivalent GCSE levels from 3 up to 6 grade.

It is expected that all students will leave with an accredited level in computing. All of which will give each student valuable points towards, the college of their choice and the courses that will set them up with the skills and knowledge to go forward, as they enter the world of work.